The Phantom Of The Opera Is There

, , , | Friendly | November 7, 2017

(I have a friend who is OBSESSED with the “Phantom of the Opera” musical, so much so that she constantly sings different songs from the film version of the show while we sew in Home Economics class. Our classmates don’t mind because she has a beautiful voice, and the teacher lets her, as long as she is doing her assignment, too. On this day, she is singing “Masquerade,” which happens to be my favorite song, so I start singing with her.)

Friend: *clapping as we finish the song* “Wow, [My Name], you’ve got a great voice! I’ve never heard you sing before.”

Me: *blushing and shrugging* “Er, I guess so. At the very least, I don’t sound like a dying cat.”

(She suddenly sighs and looks sad.)

Me: “What’s wrong, [Friend]? You were so perky just a minute ago.”

Friend: “I just was thinking how I’d like to sing ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ but I don’t know think any of the guys in this class would know the words, or sing it with me if they did know the words.”

Me: *grinning* “Well, I know the words. I’ll sing it with you. I mean, I have a deeper vocal range, anyway, so I kind of sound like a guy when I sing sometimes.”

Friend: *excitedly* “You’d do that for me?!”

Me: “Sure.”

(We sang together as we worked, much to the amusement of our classmates.)

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