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The People In Line Are Not Your Ally

, , , , | Right | December 24, 2018

(It’s Christmas Eve and my day off. I decide to go up to the town for a few bits and pieces, and call into the store where I normally work. I pick up what I need and go to the till of my friendly and cheerful colleagues. Another woman is just being served as I approach the till; she looks miserable and annoyed.)

Colleague: “Hello there, madam! How are you? Do you need a hand with your packing?”

Customer: “Give me a bag.”

Colleague: “Of course. Do you want a small bag?”

Customer: “Whatever will fit this in.”

(My colleague looks over at her shopping and chooses a bag for her. While he’s sorting it out, the woman looks over at me with an exaggerated sigh and raises her eyebrows.)

Colleague: “There you are. Would you like a hand at all?”

Customer: “No. I can do it.”

(She packs her shopping, all the while throwing odd glares at my colleague while he’s not looking.)

Colleague: “That’ll be [total], please, my dear!”

(He takes the money and, as per our store policy, checks the £10 note with a UV light.)

Customer: *in an undertone to me* “What’s he doing now?! Ridiculous!”

Colleague: “Here’s [total] change. Thank you very much, and we’ll see you again soon!”

(She takes the change. He’s preoccupied with sorting out something on his till, so he doesn’t see her look towards me and mouth, “No, you won’t!” She moves to the next vacant till to sort out her shopping, and my colleague notices I’m next in line. As usual, he gives me a big greeting and scans through my shopping.)

Colleague: “Thank you very much! Do you have your staff discount?”

(I took my staff card out of my pocket, and as my colleague put in my number to give me my discount I just caught a glimpse of the woman who had been quietly slating my colleague to me; she looked like she had been slapped in the face!)

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