The Pen Is Mightier Than The Job Application

| Working | May 16, 2017

(Back when I was a front cashier at a popular fast food place, part of my job was to hand out paper applications to anyone who asked for them. Most never came back so ones that were turned in were often strongly considered. One day a boy in his late teens and a few of his buddies walk in and head straight for my register.)

Boy: “Hi, can I get an application, please?”

(I smile as I was taught and hand him one. As his friends order some food, he takes a seat in a booth in the back and begins filling it out. The four of them are back there for about a half an hour before he finishes. He returns to the front and asks to meet the manager. It’s worth noting that my manager is a big, smiley women. She is very friendly and often goes the extra mile to be nice to everyone. She and the boy talk for a bit; he introduces himself and gives her the application. Then he and his friends all leave. My manager gives me a big smile then goes into the back to put the application on the owner’s desk. With the place slightly empty, I grab a towel and begin making the cleaning rounds. When I come to the table where the boy and his friends had been, I see some strange blue marks scattered all over the table. I begin scrubbing one only to suddenly have it dawn on me what I am looking at. I go to get my manager.)

Me: *pointing out the marks* “Look at this. Even the one I managed to scrub off can still be felt.”

Manager: “What are they?”

Me: “Pen scratches. The boy that just turned in that application sat here. His pen must have been acting up so he used it on the table to get it working again.”

(She stares at the damage for a moment then turns and starts walking towards the back. I follow her to the owner’s office. With a sudden flash of rage, she picks up the application, rips it in half, and tosses it in the trash.)

Manager: “[My Name], try to get as much of that table clean that you can. I’m going out back for smoke break.”

(Word of advice: If you are trying to get a job somewhere, never damage company property. What baffles me the most is why he didn’t use the paper baskets and wrappers that came with his friend’s food.)

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