The Pen And Paperwork Is Mightier Than The Truth

| Working | November 13, 2013

(At my store, we have to do two waste checks on the food every day. Every item with today’s date is booked and reduced in price, and then later on a second person checks it in case anything was missed. At the end of the day, any remaining waste is taken off the shelves once the store shuts at 6 pm. I’m called into the manager’s office.)

Manager: “You left waste on the shelf.”

Me: “Oh, when?”

Manager: “Last Tuesday. There were some reduced cakes left on the shelf on Wednesday morning. You have to take off the reductions at the end of the day!”

Me: “…last Tuesday? But I finished work at 4 pm. I wasn’t even in town when the store shut.”

Manager: “But you signed for first check!”

Me: “I did reduce them, yes, but I left two hours before the store shut.”

Manager: “Oh… right, but I’ve already written the paperwork up, so I’ll regard this as an informal warning. You should tell you’re your colleague who did the second check to take the waste away. Now get back to work!”

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