The Password Is Open Sexist-me

| Working | June 1, 2013

(It’s the night shift, and I am currently the only one answering phones. My supervisor, also a woman, is getting ready to leave for the night when a call comes in)

Me: “Help Desk, this is [name]. How may I help you?”

Doctor: “I’d like to speak to one of the techs.”

Me: “That would be me, sir.”

Doctor: “No, no… one of the tech GUYS.”

Me: “Yes sir, that’s me. How can I help you today?”

Doctor: “So, none of the tech guys are there to speak to?”

Me: “It’s just me and [supervisor]. I can ask if she’d take your call if you would prefer.”

Doctor: “Oh, so there’s none of the tech GUYS there.”

Me: “I am one of the help desk techs, sir.”

Doctor: “Fine, I guess I’ll talk to you then.”

Me: “What seems to be the problem, sir?”

Doctor: “I need my password reset.”

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