The Pain Game

, , , , , | Right | May 9, 2020

My younger sister is always on the phone and gets her own telephone line when she is a teen in order for us to get any calls. Mind you, this is before cellphones are a thing.

We are sitting in her room and she abruptly ends a call from our cousin by hanging up and laughing. The phone immediately rings. We both think it is our cousin calling back so we set up a joke.

Me: *In my best professional voice* “[Sister]’s House of Pain. How can we hurt you?”

Simultaneously, my sister is slapping her leg and screaming for background effect.

Telemarketer: “I… uh…”

I’ve never heard a telemarketer hang up so fast! We, of course, were shocked that it wasn’t our cousin!

The bonus: this was so effective that my sister made her voicemail for this phone completely spoken in German with polka music. So many hangups!

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