The Page Count Of Monte Cristo

| Learning | August 22, 2013

(I am on summer break, and since I attend an arts high school, our summer reading list is practically a joke. I finished my assigned book in no time at all, and have decided to read ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ while working at a camp.)

Co-Counselor #1: “Hey! I have to read that book for school. How bad is it?”

Me: “Actually, I like it a lot.”

Co-Counselor #1: “Really? But it’s 1200 pages long!”

Me: “My copy only has 800 pages plus notes. Besides, I already finished my summer reading.”

Co-Counselor #1: “You finished it? Then why are you reading that book?”

Me: “Well, re-reading, for fun.”

Co-Counselor #2: “People actually read that book for fun?!”

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