The Packaging Nazi

, , | Right | November 15, 2018

(I work for a package delivery service. We have very tight scheduling, and I can’t stop while someone finishes putting together a package for pickup, especially if they’re the ones who scheduled it for pickup at a certain time. Day one: I walk into a deserted-looking office building.)

Me: “[Delivery Service] pickup! Hello?”

(I’m about to leave when the customer comes running out of the back. I don’t know what she was doing, but her makeup is smeared and clothes untucked, and she looks strung out.)

Customer: “Oh, I don’t have the package put together or the label printed. Wait a couple of minutes while I do that.”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, I can’t wait that long. You can call for another pickup when you have the package ready, or you can drop it off at our central office.”

(I walk out, listening to her swearing and screaming about how she’s very important and she’ll have me fired. Day two: I walk into the same deserted-looking office building.)

Me: “[Delivery Service] drop-off!”

(I drop off the packages, call out again, wait a few moments, and then go back to my truck and drive off when no one answers and I don’t see any packages in the front area. As I turn off the block, I distantly see the customer run out, screaming and waving her arms, in the rear-view mirror. Day three: I walk into the still-deserted-looking office building, which now stinks like sewer line.)

Me: “[Delivery Service] pickup!”

Customer: “Here, you f****** Nazi. All ready to go.”

(She throws the package at me and looks disappointed when I catch it.)

Me: “As a Jew, I find your comment extremely offensive.”

(She also had a Jewish name, which kind of pissed me off. My supervisor later told me that someone phoned in a ridiculous, over-the-top complaint about me. When I explained the situation, she laughed. I hope I never get assigned that route again.)

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