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The Owner’s Bark Is Worse Than The Dog’s Bite

| Friendly | April 30, 2014

(I’m at a natural history museum. Out of the corner of my eye I see a woman with a working dog come up next to me.)

Me: “Oh, he’s cute.”

Woman: “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Me: “Too bad he’s working. I love pets.”

Woman: *suddenly very serious, with a warning tone* “Please, don’t.”

Me: *taken aback* “I’m… sorry?”

(Without any warning she suddenly drags the dog away from where I’m standing while glancing at me suspiciously.)

Onlooker: “What did you say to her?”

Me: “All I said was I liked pets. I didn’t say I wanted to pet her working dog! I know better than that!”

(What’s worse is our paths meet twice more that day. Each time she sees me she pulls the dog closer to her, almost dragging it to the floor the last time!)