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The Original Mask Said, “OOF”

, , , , | Working | March 19, 2021

I work in a contact center as an email agent for a print-on-demand online business. This story is at the beginning of the worldwide health situation, so this business has started to sell masks. As they ship worldwide and the product is a success, the volume of orders is quite high.

Unfortunately, this causes several issues as one of the third-party printers involved in the manufacturing and printing of the masks did not expect this high volume of orders. This is a recipe for disaster as this printer is the one in charge of producing all the masks for the biggest market of the company: the USA.

They end up with crooked prints, broken strings, printing errors, incomplete orders, discoloration, or altogether different masks — you name it. We have our queues overflowing with emails complaining about these issues.

This story takes the cake.

I get one email from a customer that got the wrong mask print and wants a refund. In this case, we need to ask the customer to send us a picture of the mask they received because, due to the health hazard nature of the product, we cannot ask them to send it back to us.

When I read the body of the email and see the picture, I cannot believe my eyes.

Customer: “I just got my package and the mask is completely wrong. I need you to resend the correct mask ASAP, and I don’t know if this mask is some kind of joke but I don’t find it funny as I am a public servant.”

I do not remember what the original mask she ordered was about, but when I opened up the picture, I almost fell off my chair laughing.

The joke? The mask she received said, “This mask is as useless as the government.”

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