The Oregon Trail Isn’t What It Used To Be

, , , , | Hopeless | June 9, 2016

(My husband, young daughter, and I have just moved to Oregon. We are expecting our next baby in a few months. Due to the economy, my husband is having a hard time finding a job and we are selling anything we can spare to make rent. One night, a car pulls into our rural driveway and a guy gets out with a huge basket of things.)

Man: “Hi, I’m from the church down the road and we decided we just wanted to bless your family. This is for you.” *hands my husband basket overflowing with things*

Husband: *shocked* “Thanks?”

Man: “We have different small groups that like to do things for people and we decided we wanted to do something for you. We heard you guys are having a new baby.”

Husband: “Yes, next month.”

Man: “Well I hope this stuff helps a little. Have a great day.”

Husband: *still shocked* “Thanks… goodbye.”

(The basket had so many things in it! New toys and coloring books for my daughter, a gift card to a local grocery store, a good sized check for the utility company, a gift certificate for my favorite candy store, skin care products for me, diapers, wipes, and a few more baby items, and a beautiful handmade quilt that matched the colors and animals I’d started to decorate the baby’s room with. And all this from complete strangers! Thank you, kind strangers. You gave me hope in a very hard time and encouraged me to help people, too.)

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