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The Order Didn’t Exist And Neither Does Their Manners

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I work as a supervisor at a certain large coffee chain. This afternoon, I have about thirty minutes left in my shift. A kid — no more than twelve or thirteen — comes in with his family and walks up to the counter.

Kid: “I was in the drive-thru of your store yesterday afternoon and ordered three large coffees, but we only got one.”

Automatically, red flags go off. How do you drive off with only a third of your order and then not call or come back until the next day?

Me: “Do you have a receipt?”

Kid: “No.”

Of course not.

The kid is very pushy and persistent, so a coworker and I look up all the orders in that price range four hours before and after he says he visited.

Me: “Look, we can’t find any order even close to what you said you ordered, but I’ll still offer you two small drinks.”

This is a company policy of sorts.

Kid: “We should get three larges!”

After we refuse him several times, he gives in. Apparently, he thinks the drinks should be ready instantly, too. There are about eight drinks ahead of his, but every thirty seconds or so, he comes back to the counter.

Kid: “Are my drinks ready?”

He pointed several times to drinks waiting to be handed off in the drive-thru (the counter was right behind me) to ask me if they were his.

When his drinks did come out, he and his family remained in our lobby and proceeded to rearrange the furniture and converse loudly, tearing up napkins to drop on the floor for the remainder of my shift. I made a point to pass on the story to the supervisor who was coming on as I was leaving, just so she wouldn’t give him any more free drinks.

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