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The Opposite Of A Pain In The Neck

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: CheshireMask | February 6, 2022

Due to health issues, I recently changed positions in my store. I am now a clerk at a small shop of the convenient kind, and I am really enjoying it. Today, though, I had the most awesome day I’ve ever had while working.

I was standing behind the register, waiting for customers to select their purchases, when a fun song came on the in-store radio. I started dancing to it. Right then, a lady came in.

Customer: “You keep dancing, girl!”

Me: “Thanks, I will! Sometimes you gotta make your own fun at work.”

When she got to the register, we chatted a bit.

Customer: “It’s so nice to see you smiling. It makes other people want to smile, too.”

Me: “The way I see it, there’s enough pain and misery in the world without adding to it. I’d rather put some happy out there!”

Customer: “That’s a great attitude.” *Smiles*

Me: “I love that necklace you’re wearing. Is that mother of pearl?”

Customer: “No, they’re coin pearls.”

Me: “That’s cool! They’re so pretty.”

She paid for her purchase and left. I turned around to stock some items behind the counter. A few seconds later, I heard a small clatter behind me. When I turned around, I saw that the woman had put her necklace on the counter.

Customer: “That’s for you.”

Me: *Wide-eyed* “Are— Are you sure?! That’s so kind!”

She nodded, smiled, and headed for the door.

Me: “Hold it!” *Points at her* “You need a hug!”

Customer: *Still smiling* “I probably do.”

With the necklace in my hand, I rushed around the counter and gave her a huge hug.

Me: “This is so amazing! You’ve just made my day.”

She left, and I immediately put the necklace on. It is now my happy necklace, and I get a little teary every time I touch it. That lady may never know just how much her gift means to me, but karma owes her big.

Question of the Week

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