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The Only Thing They’re Building Is Unrealistic Expectations

, , | Right | September 9, 2021

I work in a big box store. A customer comes in, flags me down, and starts asking me about how much meat, cheese, and salad she would need for a family reunion of about 150 people.

It looks like she’s going to be building this from scratch, and we go over her needs while she writes the items and their prices on a piece of paper she has with her. She builds a sizable, detailed list.

Stupid me, I thought she was planning ahead, but no. She calls her partner, quickly discusses the cost, and then hangs up. With a wide smile, she then proceeds to hand me her list!

Customer: “All right, we’re approving the cost of this. I’ll be back in a half-hour to pick everything up! Remember that only half the sandwiches get cheese, and there are two different salads that need to be built!”

I stand there with an “Are you kidding me?!” look on my face. She has over $300 worth of products on her list and she is giving me half an hour to grab all of the ingredients and BUILD the food — which includes BBQing chicken on some sort of magical grill?! — and she expects me to only charge her the cost of the ingredients!

Me: “Ma’am, we don’t offer that service in [Big Box Store]. I’m afraid you’ll have to buy the ingredients yourself and put them together at home.”

Customer: “But the party is in half an hour! I need you to get them done! Don’t you pride yourself in customer service?!”

Me: *Blandly* “Again, we don’t offer that service. I suggest you hurry up and grab a cart.”

I walked away and told my manager what had happened. He stared at me like he was waiting for me to drop a punchline and then shook his head and sighed.

If she ever called to complain, I never got in trouble for it.