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The Only Thing Served Was What He Deserved

, , , , | Right | October 22, 2020

I have gone to a nearby fast food place with a couple of friends. There is a long line and there’s only one worker on the register, but my friends and I decide to wait in line anyway. I can see a total of three workers: one on register, one on drive-thru, and one handing out food to customers.

An older man places his order before me. I get my milkshake and am waiting for my friend to get her food. The man snatches a receipt from the tray even though he is already holding one.

Customer: “What’s this for?”

Register Employee: “So that our employees know what to put on your tray.”

He huffs and spends a minute comparing the two receipts before crumpling one and putting it back on the tray.

The employee handing out food tries to put a meal on the tray.

Customer: *Yanks the tray backward* “I don’t want you to serve me. I want her!

He points at the drive-thru employee.

Drive-Thru Employee: “I’m sorry, sir, I have to focus on the drive-thru right now but my coworker will be able to help you just fine.”

Customer: “I won’t take food from her! I’m the customer, and I want you to give me my food.”

Bear in mind that the line is now almost to the door inside the restaurant and is likely very long at the drive-thru. The register employee hands my friend her food, but she and I hang back in case things get ugly and we need to call the police.

Drive-Thru Employee: *Clearly losing patience* “Either take the food or get out. I have other customers to serve.” *Walks off*

The man is still holding his tray to his chest, so the employee handing out food turns to the register employee.

Employee Handing Out Food: “Just give him a refund. I’m refusing him service.”

She walks further into the back.

The register employee quickly finishes another transaction before taking the crumpled receipt and getting change from the drawer.

Register Employee: “Here you go, sir.”

Customer: “I don’t want money; I want my food!”

Register Employee: “Here at [Restaurant], you don’t get to choose who serves you. You are being rude, and we are refusing you service. Have a nice day.”

The man huffs and heads towards the door, and my friend and I walk out.

Me: *Sarcastically* “Gee, I can’t wait to get back into the service industry!”

Question of the Week

Have you ever served a bad customer who got what they deserved?

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