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The Only Thing I Am Out Of Is Patience

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(It’s a normal Sunday at [Fast Food Restaurant], which is always the busiest day of the week. It’s also Memorial Day Weekend, which makes our lobby packed. I’m working as the cashier while my manager packs for me. A very cross lady forces her way to the front.)

Customer: *almost shouting* “Where is my fork?! How can I eat without my fork?!”

Manager: “Ma’am, it’s in your bag with the other food.”

(The customer nods and leaves without another word. A few hours pass by and the rush has died down. I head to the lobby and start wiping tables, stocking, cleaning, etc., when the customer from earlier comes back. I have everything stocked and over half of the tables cleaned. I take her order and hand over her food. A few seconds pass by when she yells:)

Customer: “You’re out of forks!”

Me: *stopping and looking at her confused* “Ma’am, the forks are right under the salt packets.”

(She looks and takes one to put on her tray. She looks again and yells:)

Customer: “You’re out of lids.”

(While printing something for my manager on my register, I say without looking:)

Me: “Ma’am, please turn 90 degrees to your left.”

(She does and puts a lid on her drink cup. She walks around to the area I just cleaned and once again yells:)

Customer: “There are no clean tables!”

(I head-desk and my manager walks over.)

Manager: *holding back laughter* “You want a break?”

(I nod and clock out. I walk over just in time to be hit by a full drink.)

Customer: “You should have clean tables!”

(She yells this while being chased out by the manager-in-charge, who comes back a few minutes later:)

Manager-In-Charge: “What the h*** was that about?”

(A regular yells out jokingly:)

Regular: “You’re out of napkins!”

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