The Only Thing Downbeat And Hopeless Here Is You

| Friendly | September 15, 2016

(In my spare time I write fan-fic, and have just posted one based on a popular RPG title. Someone on the forum sends me a private message with their thoughts.)

User: “Your story has way too upbeat of an ending! [Game] is meant to be about death, suffering, and tragedy, and the PC is meant to die at the end having accepted their situation is completely hopeless!”

Me: “My story is based on the third ending to the game. You’re thinking of the first ending.”

User: “There’s more than one ending?”

Me: “Yep, it takes a lot of work but if you do the following—” *I describe how to unlock the other endings of the game, including the one where the main character lives and departs with the promise of a relatively happy life afterwards*

User: “Well, I haven’t played the game, so I didn’t know that.”

Me: “There’s multiple Let’s Play videos and online walkthroughs detailing how each ending plays out, too.”

User: “Look, just change your fic so it’s not so cheerful, okay? Otherwise I’m going to down-vote it!”

(A while later I get the following on my personal email:)

User: “Hey, why did you block me on the forum? I told you what you needed to do to make your fic decent and you still haven’t changed it yet! Don’t you care about being faithful to the game?”

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