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The Only Thing Better Than A Husky Is Two Huskies

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My wife and I have had our husky puppy for almost two years. He’s a handful, loves to chew, and is an escape artist. When I say he loves to chew, that might be a bit of an understatement. He’s chewed up spindles on the stairwell, drywall by a couple of windows, three different couches, shoes, TV remotes, cell phones, and the list goes on.

He gets long walks and we play with him constantly, but he still just wants to chew. Finally, we can’t take it anymore. One of the suggestions we’ve heard is to get him a playmate. My wife spends a few days going over pet adoption websites, and she finds a shepherd/husky mix (at least that’s what the site classified the breed as), but she looks like any other husky that I’ve seen except for her saddle, which does look more like the colors of a German shepherd.

The adoption place is a five-hour drive from our house in a neighboring state. We leave early in the morning and arrive at the place around noon, and that’s when we get to meet the dog at the adoption place.

The whole while, we’ve had our husky in the car; we thought it would be best to let them meet and not just bring home a strange dog. My wife’s car is a Rav4, so the back seats fold down to make a decent-sized area in the back for our husky. He enjoys the ride and getting to stop a couple of times to stretch his legs and enjoy new smells.

My wife goes in to get the dog, and I stay out in the small field area near the parking lot to let my husky run around and take in the smells. About five minutes later, my wife comes out with the dog in question, and there is an instant bond between the new dog and my husky. They run and jump and play immediately. We have a new dog that we are officially bringing home.

The car ride home is amusing. The two dogs in the back wrestle non-stop for several hours, and then they take about a ten-minute break. My wife and I think they have maybe, finally, worn themselves out. Nope, it is just a short break. The second wind comes in full force and they continue to wrestle for the next three hours until we get home.

The fun part is, as we’re driving down the highway and cars are passing, we get to see the look on the other people’s faces as they watch our car rocking back and forth as we drive down the highway with two huskies that are wrestling and tumbling around.

The change with our husky has been immediately noticed now that he has a playmate. He has stopped chewing on everything and stopped escaping from his kennel. These two huskies are best of friends until the end.

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