The Only Thing Absent Is Common Sense

| Learning | June 9, 2015

(Last year I fell very ill in the middle of the semester, and decide it is time I visit a doctor. The only appointment available is 10 minutes before my two-hour English class ends, and I would have to leave at least 10 minutes before that to make it in time. My only choice is to get an official note from them to give to my instructor.)

Me: *waits until after class* “[Professor]?”

Professor: “Yes, [My Name]?”

Me: “I have an appointment with the doctor next week and will have to leave your class early.” *hands him the note*

Professor: *glances at the note* “I’m sorry, [My Name], but if you leave more than 10 minutes before the class ends you will be counted absent for the day and get a grade reduction. You also won’t be allowed to make up any quiz we have while you’re gone.”

Me: *shocked* “But I have a note proving my appointment.”

Professor: “That doesn’t matter. The only way your absence will be excused is if you schedule a meeting with the Dean and have him approve it.”

Me: “So you expect me to make a meeting with the Dean in a week’s time.”

Professor: *nods*

Me: “During the month when sophomores are confirming their majors, abroad requests are due, and the first leg of independent projects need to be approved by the Dean?”

Professor: “You should have made your appointment ahead of time if you knew you would be absent from class.”

Me: *getting aggravated* “So I need to bother the Dean to approve a doctor’s appointment that I’ve already given you a note for?”

Professor: “I need proof that you’re actually going to the doctor. You look fine to me, and this note could be fake.”

Me: *walks out*

(Mind you, I was very obviously sick. Most of my notes were illegible scribbles, I stumbled when I walked, I was very pale, and I couldn’t focus. Most teachers sent me home, if not making sure I was okay before starting class. It turns out I have winter-induced asthma and my symptoms were the result of a lack of oxygen flow, which could have killed me if I let it become any more severe. I accepted my A-turned-B minus at the end of the semester, and will spend my next three years of college avoiding any class taught by him.)

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