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The Only Help They Can Provide Is A Lesson In Manners

, , , | Right | June 28, 2022

I was once at an art and craft supply store that also did custom framing, waiting for a consult with the frame representative. There was only one person in the frame department, and it can be a slow process, so I ended up waiting a little while, which was fine by me.

Another lady was also waiting for a frame consult and we ended up having a lovely conversation about the artwork we had each brought in. Clearly, we couldn’t just have a nice conversation because we were interrupted by a very abrasive old guy who very much was not reading the room.

Old Guy: “Where are [specific type of off-the-shelf frame]?”

Me: *Pausing for a moment to exchange glances with the other lady.* “Um, I don’t know but probably in one of those aisles?”

I point to the section of the store that has off-the-shelf frames.

Old Guy: “Well why don’t you go find [frame] for me?”

Me: “I would just ask a staff member if I were you. They’ll know specifically where things are.”

This goes back and forth for a few more rounds and I basically have to spell it out for him that we’re not staff and we don’t know where the frame he wants is and he ends up looking at each of us with the absolute most sour expression and saying, “well you could still help me!”

Demanding labor from random women is not a good look, sir.

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