The Only Disgrace Here Is People Who Assume

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(I’ve recently graduated college. My sister is in elementary school. When I go out with my parents and sister, I’ve gotten a lot of comments from people who assume I’m a teen mom. I’m out to dinner with them when my sister announces she has to use the bathroom. I offer to take her and walk her back. The table next to ours has an older couple, maybe in their sixties. I hear whispering as I walk by. I ignore it until I hear…)

Woman: *loudly* “Disgraceful!”

(Startled, I turn around. Lo and behold, she is staring at me and scowling. I roll my eyes and head back to the table. My sister digs into her food. Meanwhile, I’m very angry. My mother looks at me and raises an eyebrow.)

Mom: “What’s up?”

Me: *loudly* “Oh, some people just have nothing better to do than make ignorant comments to strangers regarding situations they know nothing about!”

(I hear a gasp from the other table. I look over and the man is shaking his head while the woman’s face is bright red.)

Mom: *sighs* “Did someone assume that [Sister] was your daughter again?”

Me: “Yep.”

(The older couple left very quickly after that, and I am 90% sure I heard the man tell the woman, “I told you so,” on his way out! Come on, people. Don’t make assumptions. And if someone is a teen mom, that does NOT make them a bad person!)

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