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The Only Answer To Make The Grade

| Learning | February 2, 2015

(This happens when I am in sixth grade. My class had taken a quiz the day before and we had all made horrible grades.)

Teacher: “Can any of you give me a reason we shouldn’t put these in the grade-book?”

Student: “Because you love us.”

Teacher: “Nope!”

(This goes on for a good little while longer with several of the smarter kids guessing similar answers.)

Teacher: “All right, that’s it. This is the last one.”

(The teacher looks around the room and notices I have just raised my hand.)

Teacher: “[My Name]?”

Me: “Because you don’t want to see us next year.”

(There were more sighs of disappointment as the teacher looked around the room. Then she threw the quizzes in the trash and proceeded with the lesson.)

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