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The One That Can Hear Is Not Listening

| Working | March 29, 2014

(A friend of mine is deaf, and has conversations with people by reading their lips. The bank teller is a woman wearing a burka which covers her mouth.)

Teller: *begins talking*

Friend: “I’m sorry; I can’t understand you. I’m deaf.”

Teller: *keeps talking*

Friend: *louder* “I can’t understand you without seeing your lips. Can I talk to someone else please?”

Teller: *shouts for manager*

Manager: “My employee tells me you wish not to make contact with her because of her burka. We do not tolerate racism in this bank.”

Friend: “I have nothing against this lady’s choice of religion, it’s just that I need to read her lips. I’m deaf.”

Manager: “This is your final warning! One more racist slur and I am closing your account.”

Friend: *nearly in tears* “Please, I can’t understand her. I’m deaf!”

Manager: “That’s it. Get out of this bank or I’m calling the police.”

(My friend had to run out crying. Amazingly, she was more upset about feeling like she’d insulted someone than how she was treated!)