The “One Key” Found Its Way Back

| Working | August 1, 2017

(Years ago, I was working for a big firm with the typical big office and manufacturing space. One day I lost my keys and checked with security to see if someone turned them in. No luck. I had to pay a locksmith to get in my car and make new keys. A year later, I stupidly did the same thing, but fortunately this time I had spare keys. However, I figured I should check with security.)

Me: “Hey, I lost my car keys. Have any keys been turned in?”

Guard: “Oh, yes, you’re in luck. Someone turned in some keys they found today. They might be yours.”

(The guard shows me the keys.)

Me: “Oh, my God! These are they keys I lost last year. Just turned in today?”

Guard: “Yup!”

(The newly lost keys never turned up. Ah, well, nothing like strange coincidence. Maybe someday I tell of lost keys when out in no-where with a hot chick who became my wife. :-))

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