The Odds Are In Favor Of Twilight

| Learning | April 15, 2015

(We are talking about the concept of challenged and banned books, as we are going to read ‘Fahrenheit 451’ soon.)

Teacher: *going over list of challenged books* “Oh, The Hunger Games is also challenged.”

Me: “Wait a second. Why?”

Teacher: “Apparently it’s because of violence, opposition of authority, and — oh, this is weird — religion.”

Student: “If it’s challenged for that, then shouldn’t Twilight be challenged also? It has nasty religion and some pretty gory scenes.”

Teacher: “Well, that’s true, but the author of that awful series is apparently a part of the religious groups that challenge it.”

Everyone: “What?””

Teacher: “It’s true. I know you may all not want it to be, but it is. Twilight will not be banned, sadly.”

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