The Odd People Are Never In Your Favor

, , , , | Right | June 11, 2020

It’s around the time that “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2” hits theaters. I’m wearing the pin from the first movie, and I’m in the store. It is to be noted that I’ve seen at least three other people in the store this day alone with some kind of Mockingjay on their persons, and a couple of others with just “Hunger Games” promos, no pin. I run into a friend of mine, and we get to chatting; she is not wearing any “Hunger Games” attire.

All of a sudden, this older woman comes marching up to me, scowling. I immediately take notice of her because of her body language.

Woman: “You! Get your propaganda filth out of here. I’ve seen your kind running all about this past few days and I will not stand to see it!”

She whirls to my friend.

Woman: “Don’t let them corrupt you! They’re trying to corrupt this nation with their…”

She goes on some politically-charged rant which I tune out, because I’m trying to find store workers or a manager.

The woman whirls back and tries to rip the pin off my shirt. Thankfully, I am paying attention, and I step back and slap her hand away. She then runs off, and in that time, a store worker comes to put items back on the shelf and notices my pin.

Worker: “Hey! I like your pin!”

He pulls aside his safety vest, I assume from pushing carts or something, and shows another version of the pin attached to his work shirt. I am about to warn him of this lady when she comes marching back with a manager. My friends collectively mutter, “Oh, s***,” under our breaths.

The manager is about to ask what the heck is going on, and the woman looks at the store worker, goes pale, and promptly whirls around and runs away while yelling.

Woman: “I can’t believe you let them work here. They’re going to corrupt this country! I’m never coming back!”

We all just stood there for a couple of moments, and after I explained what happened, the manager and the employee laughed at how crazy the situation was.

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