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The Number One Reason For Returns

| Right | May 23, 2017

(I work at a privately owned business in California where we sell top quality food and items for dogs and cats. One day a woman comes in looking for a cat bed.)

Customer: “Hi, can you please show me where your cat beds are?”

Me: “Certainly!”

(I then proceed to show her the different cat beds we have. When she chose her favorite one I walk her back up to the front to cash her out. It is required that we tell our customers about our return policy on the beds.)

Me: “You can only return this bed if you have proof of receipt and if it’s like new.”

Customer: “So can I return it if my cat doesn’t like it?”

Me: “Yes, if your cat doesn’t like it you can return it, but it MUST be like new and with your receipt.”

Customer: “Okay, great. Thanks. You guys are the best!”

(She then proceeds out of the store with a big smile on her face. A couple of hours later she comes back into the store with her bed. She comes up to the counter where I am working and tells me she would like to do a return on it.)

Customer: “I would like to do a return on this cat bed. My cat doesn’t like it.”

Me: “Okay, let me see your receipt and the bed, please.”

(She puts the bed onto the countertop. Immediately I can smell urine. There is a big yellow spot smack in the middle of the bed.)

Me: *saying this as nicely as I can* “I’m so sorry, ma’am, but I cannot do a return on this item because your cat has peed on it. I apologize, but there’s nothing I can do.”

Customer: “What do you mean I can’t return it?! You said I could return it if my cat didn’t like i!!”

Me: “But I also told you that the bed had to be like new, remember? That means it can’t be torn up, dirty, or peed on.”

Customer: *looking confused and irritated* “But if she peed on it it means she doesn’t like it! Again, YOU told me I could return it if she doesn’t like it!”

(I am in complete shock that she can’t comprehend what I just explained to her, so I tell her that I will get my manager. My manager basically tells her the same thing I said but the woman still throws a fit. She continues to point her finger at me and blames me for the trouble I’ve caused. Eventually my manager realizes she isn’t getting anywhere with this woman, so she gives her her money back. As the customer is leaving she turns around and looks me straight in the eye.)

Customer: “This is the worst customer service ever! You are both wrong to treat me the way you did and I hope you both end up being the homeless bums you deserve to be!”

(That is why I love working retail…)

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