The Number Must Have Popsicled Into Their Head

, | Working | October 11, 2014

(I am eight at the time. I go to the gas station retailer to buy two popsicles, which cost 99c each. I have a “buy one get one free” card for the popsicles, but when I buy two I am charged $1.98. I thought there was an increase in price so I just leave, but I mention it to my dad in the car.  My dad tells me off and makes me go back in to the cashier with the receipt.)

Me: “Um. Excuse me, how much is this popsicle?”

Cashier #1: “99c.”

Me: *startled* “Then why did I get charged $1.98?”

Cashier #1: “Because you bought two.”

Me: “But I have a ‘get one free’ card!”

Cashier #1: “Okay, I’ll try again.” *points to popsicle #1* “This popsicle is 99c.”

Me: “Okay…”

Cashier #1: “And you get this one:” *points to popsicle 2* “…for free.”

Me: “Yes…?”

Cashier #1: “So the price is $1.98.”

Me: “Huh?”

(Cashier #2, beside Cashier #1, overhears the entire conversation and interjects.)

Cashier #2: “Here, son, I’ll fix it for you…”

(Cashier #1 remained confused after I left the store with my change.)

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