The Not-So-Roundabout Scout

| Related | April 10, 2012

(I am about 4 years old. My mother has noticed a policeman strolling down the street. Being a nosy neighbour, she wants to know what house number he is looking for. She takes me aside.)

Mum: “I want you to sneak outside and find out what door number the policeman is knocking on.”

Me: *enthusiastically* “Okay, Mum!”

(I proceed to go outside and do exactly what my mum wants, albeit not in the fashion she expected. I walk right up to the policeman.)

Me: “Excuse me! What door number are you looking for?”

Policeman: *pause* “Uhm… Number twelve.”

Me: “Thank you!”

(I then turn around on the spot facing my house, but still standing right next to the policeman.)

Me: *shouting at the top of my lungs* “Mum! Mum! He’s knocking at number twelve, mum!”

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