The Ninja Turtles Need Their Pizza

, , , , | Working | September 30, 2019

(I’m at home, waiting for pizza delivery. I live on the second floor. The apartments in my building are all above ground level with dark wooden doors with knockers. Downstairs is a basement for each apartment, with white doors with large numbers down a dark and dingy hallway. Right around the time the pizza should arrive, I hear someone enter the building and go downstairs, and then a loud pounding. There’s a pause and then more pounding. I look outside and see a car with the pizza place’s logo. Figuring this delivery person must be new and got confused, I go downstairs and find her in the basement.)

Me: “Hi! I think that’s my pizza. Are you looking for apartment three?”

Delivery: “Yes. This is number three.” *points at basement door*

Me: “Yeah, that’s the basement for number three. The apartment is actually upstairs.”

Delivery: “But this is number three.” *knocks again*

Me: “It’s the basement for number three. My apartment is upstairs. The receipt says it’s for [My Name], right? Pepperoni and green pepper?”

Delivery: “Yes, but this is number three.” *finally starts to walk towards me*

Me: “Right, it is, but it’s the basement. The apartments are upstairs.” *quickly grabs and signs tip and receipt* “Thank you!”

Delivery: *as she is walking away* “But that was number three…”

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