The Nightmare Customer Before Halloween, Part 2

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I am a store manager in a seasonal Halloween store. Every year when it gets close to the end of the season, all sales become final and the store does a sale to try and sell last-minute items the days after Halloween. With that in mind, we have to put up sale signs for the sale that is coming up, and inevitably, someone will try to get the items that are normal price on the sale price.

A customer approached me and puts items on the counter.

Customer: “These items are on sale, correct?”

Me: “No, the sale starts this weekend, so they are still normal price.”

Customer: *Gets huffy* “No, your signs say that everything is 50% off.”

Me: *Smiling* “I am sorry, ma’am, but that sale starts on November third.”

I point to the small sign that we have at every register; the dates for the sales are clearly printed with the percent off they will receive on those dates.

Customer: “Well, I don’t read the fine print.”

She walks out. I shrug and put her items on the other counter to be put back on the floor when I hear an irate voice talking to my coworker. 

Customer #2: “No one told me that all sales were final! I demand to see your store manager!”

I turned around to see a customer that I had helped over the past weekend. I smiled and she grumbled under her breath. Turns out, she wanted to return a few items, even though I had told her on multiple occasions that all sales were final; she was trying to pull a fast one and get her money back. After she left, my worker looked at me and said, “Well, we have only been open an hour; what else is going to happen today?”

The Nightmare Customer Before Halloween

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