The Nightmare Birthday Before Halloween

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(For one reason or another, my friend celebrates her birthday on Halloween, even though she was born mid-November. I don’t mind people celebrating their birthdays earlier or later than the actual day, I’ve done it myself, too… but… well… This takes place the morning of Halloween. I tell my friend I am not able to attend her party this year weeks in advance, and I remind her again.)

Me: “Hey, [Friend]! I’m sorry I won’t be there tonight, but I got you a little birthday present to make up for it!”

Friend: “Y-You’re… what?! You’re coming tonight!”

Me: “Unfortunately, I can’t… My parents want me to chaperone my little brother and his friends while they trick-or-treat tonight. I thought I told you this a little while ago?”

Friend: “I thought you were going to cancel that?! Tonight is supposed to be special!”

Me: “Well… what were you planning on doing?”

Friend: “I was going to have my mom make me some dinner, and then we’d stay in and watch [Series she is obsessed with, though I don’t much care for] all night!”

Me: “I’m sorry. But my little brother is dying to go trick-or-treating tonight, and my parents aren’t able to go with him.”

Friend: “What’s so special about tonight that it’s more important than my birthday?!

Me: “Um… Halloween? You know… spooks and treats and costumes? You weren’t even born on Halloween, though.”

Friend: “So?! It’s my day! It’s more important! Either you come tonight or I’m done talking with you!”

Me: “Well, my brother kind of comes first… especially his safety.”

Friend: “I hope you get hit by a car or mugged or something. That’ll teach you to place something so stupid over my f****** birthday.”


Friend: “F*** off, you b****!”

(I just walk away and continue with the rest of the school day. Later that night, while my little brother and his friends are finishing up their costumes, I get a text from my friend.)

Friend: “Hey! I’m sorry about earlier. I’m so glad you changed your mind! I can’t wait to see you tonight!”

(I was genuinely confused, as I hadn’t spoken to her since that morning, never mind cancel on my brother. I ignored her and went out trick-or-treating with my little brother. I admit I was a little bummed out, and my brother noticed… and as sweet as he was, he revealed he brought an extra bag for me so I could get candy, too. I got a decent amount that night and all of us got back safe and sound, having a great night! I didn’t exactly hear the end of it, though, as the next day my friend laid into me about ignoring her, and about how her party and TV marathon was more important than the safety of some brats. I don’t speak with her anymore.)

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