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The Next Ladder Of Your Career

| Working | February 16, 2015

(I am quite short. I have been asked to hang up some sale signs, but the ladder provided to do so is too short. I have to reach dangerously on tip-toe to get the job done, so I don’t finish the job. The next day:)

Manager: “Why didn’t you hang the signs last night? I had to do them this morning!”

Me: “The ladder was way too short for me to finish the job. I almost fell a few times. I refuse to put myself at risk because the ladder is too short.”

Manager: “Fine, whatever!”

(A few months later, we finally get a new, taller ladder.)

Me: “Maybe I might be able to start hanging signs.”

Coworker: “Yeah, they sent one to every store. The horrible thing is knowing that someone would have actually fallen off a ladder for them to finally acknowledge that the other ladders were too short.”

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