The Next Generation Is On A Doll

, , | Related | October 11, 2016

(My nephew’s favorite color is pink, which is probably my fault because I have a lot of Disney Princess stuff of the same color. We’re going to the toy store and he’s been told he can pick out two toys. Unsurprisingly, his first choice is a Sleeping Beauty doll because of her pink dress. He also chooses a fire truck and after, we get in line.)

Girl: *ahead of us, loudly* “Mommy, why does that boy have a princess doll? Princesses are for girls!”

(At this point, I’m afraid because my nephew has been made fun of for what he likes by kids AND adults, and it’s obvious he heard her because he frowns and hides behind me. However, the mother looks embarrassed by what her daughter has just said.)

Mother: “Because he likes dolls just like you do. It’s not nice to make people feel bad.”

Girl: “But girls like dolls!”

Mother: “Yes, and boys like dolls, too. Everybody can like dolls.”

Girl: “Everybody? Can Pepper like dolls?”

Mother: “Yes, Pepper can like dolls, too.”

(The girl seemed satisfied and was finally quiet. Her mother took her out of the cart to have her apologize to my nephew and me, and her mom explained “Pepper” is the name of their dog. My nephew felt better and got his toys. Although, Sleeping Beauty’s nickname is now “Pepper.”)

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