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The New Guy’s Really Gumming Up The Works

, , , | Working | January 13, 2023

I was working at a video rental store about eight years ago, and we got a new District Manager. He had transferred to our store from [Dollar Store Chain], and he was a total a**hat.

While I was mopping the floor, he pulled me aside after he had done an inspection of our store. He told me that I would be scraping gum off of the sidewalk outside and scrubbing the walkway for the next few days.

My manager heard what he was telling me I would be doing and came over.

Manager: *To the district manager* “Don’t we usually have people that come and do that?”

District Manager: “Yes, but they are too expensive, so I want her to do it.”

She then proceeded to tell him off. A short rundown of what was said:

Manager: “Last time those cleaners were hired, the company paid them about $15 an hour. My employee will not scrub sidewalks for a third of that. She took a promotion without a pay raise because of you. You never bothered to even give her a raise when her ninety days were up. So no, she will not be doing anything for you. Do not ask any of my employees to do anything beyond their job description, especially when we pay other people far better money to do it. You can leave now.”

My manager then called the Regional Manager. We didn’t see [District Manager] for a while, but when he did come back, he did so with the people to clean the sidewalk.

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