The New Golden Trio

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This happens as the health crisis is raging. Our doorbell rings unexpectedly and my husband grabs a mask to answer the door. The dog is barking like mad. I’m a teacher and was just about to start a video conference with a student, so the untimely interruption already has me annoyed.

I am not near the door so the sound is muffled, but I hear what sounds like a sales pitch starting. My husband — a 6’5″ gentle giant — is far too polite to tell the guy to get moving, so I take matters into my own hands. I put on a mask on the way to the door.

As I reach it, I see that there is a home security sales guy right next to the door, about six inches from my husband, going straight into his spiel. He is almost as tall as my husband, and he is NOT WEARING A MASK.

I tug my husband gently from the door and light into the guy with all 5’2″ of my immune-suppressed fury.

Me: “What the h*** do you think you are doing, coming up to people’s homes in the middle of the day?! With no mask?! Get the h*** out of here!”

Sales Guy: “I just—”

Me: “No! Get going! And take us off your d*** list!”

The guy literally tripped over himself moving away from my door.

I’m normally more polite to people just doing a job, but you should not interrupt people’s workdays and put their lives in danger to sell home security to a house that already has a scary barking dog, a giant, and an angry halfling.

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