The Need For Dash-Cams And Knowledge Of The Law

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(We are camped at a state park. We have been out for the day, including a party at the home of some friends. I had a couple of drinks much earlier in the evening, and by the time this happens, I am stone-cold sober. I’m a former EMT. I never drive with the slightest amount of alcohol in my system! As we enter the campground and approach the registration booth, I see another vehicle approaching on another road. I stop immediately, as does the driver of the other car. We both sit there for a couple of minutes, and I proceed to the booth. The other car comes up behind me; it is a park cop, and he puts on his emergency lights. He and his partner approach my car, one on each side. This is the weekend after Labor Day, the beginning of the slow season in this park.)

Cop: “You almost ran into the side of me.”

(That’s not true in the slightest; we’d never been closer together than ten inches or so.)

Me: “I’m sorry, officer.”

Cop: “You had a stop bar there.”

Me: “A what?”

Cop: *points to the white line painted on the road* “That’s the same as a stop sign.”

Me: “I didn’t know that. I’m very sorry, officer.”

(I am pretty sure that the white line isn’t the same thing as a stop sign, but I’m not stupid. I don’t want any trouble from this guy.)

Cop: “Well, be careful.” *leaves*

(I have since checked with a couple of cops I know. That white line isn’t the equivalent of a stop sign. The cops I spoke with agreed with me, that the park cops were bored and were hoping to get a DUI arrest so they’d have something to do. While I was pretty peeved at his lying to me and his inappropriate actions, I did what I needed to do to avoid any trouble.)

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