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The Name Game

, , , , | Right | July 24, 2020

I have just entered the office of the catering business where I work to solve a problem with my schedule when I overhear the receptionist having the following conversation on the phone. Only the receptionist’s half of the conversation is audible.

Receptionist: “…and I appreciate that, so, if I could just get your name to access your account I can—”

Caller: *Incoherent shouting*

Receptionist: “I understand that. Your password should be working, but if I could have your name, then—”

Caller: *Incoherent shouting*

Receptionist: “I know, you are new and you haven’t done the training; we have it scheduled later—”

Caller: *Incoherent shouting*

Receptionist: “Yes, yes, and when you come in on Tuesday, she will show you around; now, what is your name?

Caller: *Muttering*

Receptionist: “Thank you, I will bring up your account!”

While typing, she mutes her phone and turns to me.

Receptionist: “How hard is it to say your name? I asked four times and got ranting.”

Then, directly to me:

Receptionist: “What is your name?”

Me: “[My Name]!”

Receptionist: “Thank you, [My Name], I will be with you shortly.”

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