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The Mystery Of The Missing Till

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: thepatricianswife | May 28, 2021

I was the front-end opener one morning, and during the process of counting and reconciling the tills from the day before, I noticed that the second pharmacy drawer wasn’t in the safe. This was weird, but not alarmingly weird, as it had occasionally been left in the pharmacy overnight — and obviously that gets locked up tight, so no real worry on that front — and I figured that was what had happened this time.

The pharmacy manager came in and I handed her the one till.

Me: “I think they left the other in the pharmacy last night—”

But before I finished, she gave me a weird look and cut me off.

Manager: “No, I was the closer last night. I brought the till up and handed it directly to our [Store Director].”

Baffled, I wondered where on earth he could have possibly put it and started checking cabinets behind the desk. Lo and behold, in the third one, I found the missing till. Bear in mind, this was not a locked cabinet. We also stored everyday tools in there, so it was definitely opened a lot.

I quickly counted the till, handed it over, and then, amused as h***, grabbed refunds and went to go find [Store Director] in his office, since they had to be signed anyway and I was so not missing the chance to give him s*** for this. The best thing about this store director was that he was very much in favor of good-natured ribbing. At one point during the time we worked together, I told him he was a troll. He didn’t know what that meant, not being terribly Internet-savvy, but after I explained, he looked at me and nodded and agreed, “Yeah. That’s fair.”

When I got to his office, I handed over the refunds, he signed them, we chatted amiably, and then I said:

Me: “So, I found the pharmacy till in an interesting place this morning…”

And the look on his face immediately changed from its normal placidity to an expression that clearly said, “Oh, f***.”

Apparently, they had been so slammed and understaffed the night before that he was up front helping out for a good chunk of time, and in a hurry, he just stashed it — hidden, at least — and intended to come back to it later, but he completely forgot.

Store Director: “Oh, God, I would be so pissed if anyone else did that. I’m going to have to write myself up.”

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