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The Mystery Molecule

| Related | April 13, 2015

(As my (too smart for his own good) 18-year-old son comes in to say good night, I ask him about his new shirt. It is from his AP chemistry class. All I can understand is ‘Go (molecule symbol). We’re all winners here.’ I couldn’t figure out what the chemical symbols meant. He got a big grin as he was explaining it.)

Son: “The molecule symbols are for ‘Nads.’ So it says Gonads. We’re all winners here.”

Me: “Really, how did you get away with that?”

Son: “We were trying to figure out what we could slide by the administrations & be approved. We knew they wouldn’t understand it.”

Me: “What did the teacher say?”

Son: “She was in on it & thought it was funny!”

(My husband and I look at him in disbelief.)

Me: “Who’s idea was it?”

Son: “Mine!”

Husband: *shaking his head side to side* “I thought we raised you better than that.”

Son: “Apparently not.”

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