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The Museum Of Moving Ramps

, , , | Right | March 16, 2021

I work at a museum that also has a single-screen movie theater. As there is only one screen, there is only one entrance. However, there is both a ramp and a staircase leading down to the door, which has a giant sign with an arrow that says, “Theater,” on it.

An older couple approaches me shortly after I’ve scanned their tickets.

Man: “Hey! How do you get into the theater?”

Me: “Just go down the stairs or the ramp there; it’s on your right.”

I then watch them go down the stairs, bypass the theater door, do a 180 to the right, and go straight back up to where they just were. They then look around, confused as to why they aren’t in the theater yet.

Man: “I just don’t get it! Where is the theater?”

Me: “Let me show you.”

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