The Mouse And The Mid-Sized Family Vehicle

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Bit of backstory: I’ve always been very quiet and shy, so my parents affectionately refer to me as “a little mouse.”

I had just gotten old enough to learn to drive. Before my parents took me out in their car to practice, my dad first wanted to make sure I was tall enough to reach the pedals — I am rather short. 

When we were out in the driveway, we ran into one of our neighbors. He saw that I was getting in the driver’s seat and questioned if I was old enough. My dad rather proudly stated that yes, I was going to learn how to drive. 

Then, my neighbor said, in a tone of condescension, “Oh, no, not another woman driver on the road that we’ll have to watch out for.”

My dad just stared at him. 

I replied, in the most cheerful and innocent tone I could manage, “Well, I think I can do a better job than some of the men.”

He didn’t say anything else. I put the seat and mirrors back to the position they’d been in before and headed back into the house. My dad came back in a minute later, laughing. He said to my mum, “Well, she’s not a little mouse anymore, that’s for sure.”

It was only afterward that my mum informed me that my middle-aged neighbor had to go to a driving lecture because the police had caught him driving recklessly.

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