The Mother Of The Mother Of Dragons

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I work as a receptionist at the office headquarters for a very large and well-known premium cable service. This morning, I see a woman with a stroller storm up to my desk. She is well-dressed, and her cute toddler daughter is sitting calmly in her seat.

Woman: “I demand to talk to the man in charge!”

Me: “In charge of what department, ma’am?”

Woman: “In charge of everything!”

Our chief executive is a very busy man and generally doesn’t take appointments from lil’ ol’ me.

Me: “Ma’am, perhaps if you tell me what your query is, I can advise you on what to do?”

Woman: “My problem is this!

She points angrily to her own daughter. My immediate thought dramatically jumps straight to this woman having a child with the top boss and she’s come to collect! Sadly, even that wild thought is way off.

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am, you’ll have to elaborate.”

She huffs and points closer to her daughter’s cap, which has “Dani” on it.

Woman: “I named my daughter Daenerys after your stupid show!”

Me: “I see.”

I don’t see.

Woman: “And you’ve all gone and f***** it up! You’ve ruined the name! She was the perfect role model for my daughter to grow up into, and now she’s gone and f****** burned down f****** King’s Landing!”

Now I see.

Me: “Ah, ma’am. I’m afraid if you wish to make a complaint about the writing on one of our shows, including that one, you can write in to this email—”

Woman: “No! I demand to speak to the owner of the company! They have to redo it! Redo the ending! My daughter will not stand for it!”

Me: “Ma’am, please send your complaints and requests to the email on this card. There is no one present at this building who can help you.”

Woman: “Gaaarrgh! F***!”

The woman kicks my desk, turns around, and storms out as fiery as when she came in. My coworker, who has witnessed this entire exchange, slides over.

Coworker: “Something tells me that girl’s mom is going to burn down the city long before her daughter gets a chance to!” 

As far as I know, that woman never came back to the offices. I hope she will wait until the shows are finished before she picks any characters to name any more children!

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