The Mother Of All Teachers

| USA | Learning | March 28, 2017

(My hometown school district has three schools: elementary, middle, and high school. I recently completed my Secondary Education Teaching license, and am substitute-teaching in the middle school and high school until I can find a full-time teaching job. My mother has been the principal at the elementary school for approximately 15 years. My sister recently completed her Elementary Education Teaching License, and is subbing in the elementary school, and occasionally in the middle school. My first subbing assignment at the middle school is a week-long assignment to sub for a fifth grade teacher, Teacher #1 – Monday through Friday. However, on Monday, the middle school principal reassigns me to sub for the male Phys. Ed. teacher, since I am the only male sub available that day who can supervise the boy’s locker room. I am still assigned to sub for Teacher #1 Tuesday through Friday, but because I am in the locker room on Monday, my sister is assigned to sub for Teacher #1. I get to Teacher #1’s class on Tuesday:)

Me: “Hello, everybody! My Name is Mr. [My Last Name], and I’ll be subbing for [Teacher #1] for the rest of the week.”

Student #1: “Mr. [My Last Name]? Are you married to Ms. [My Last Name], who subbed for us yesterday?”

Me: “No, that is my sister.”

Student #2: “Obviously he can’t be married to Ms. [My Last Name]. ‘Ms.’ means that she isn’t married.”

Student #3: *gasps in surprise* “Wait –- does that mean you’re married to Mrs. [My Last Name], our elementary school principal last year?”

Me: *laughing* “No, actually, Mrs. [My Last Name] is my mother.”

(The ENTIRE class stared at me in shock, trying to figure out what they were witnessing in their classroom. I basically spent the next ten minutes telling the kids about my family tree, before we finally got on with the lesson plans!)

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