The Mother Of All References

| Working | September 7, 2015

(When I send out references, their occupation appears in the address. Normally it’s a supervisor or professional, but relatives aren’t permitted. This time it shows as [Name], ‘Mother,’ [Street], [City]. Obviously, your mother wouldn’t be appropriate.)

Me: *emailing boss* “I’ll hold off on this reference. I think we would doubt her impartiality!”

Boss: *the next morning* “Yes, I’ll have a look at that. Hang on, unless it’s a religious title or something.”

Me: “Like Mother Theresa? No, you’re thinking of nuns, who would be Sister somebody. Or a ward sister in a hospital. Just ask the applicant.”

(An hour later, the boss comes in.)

Boss: “Yes, [Colleague] figured it. She’s right actually.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Boss: “She spotted the applicant is currently a child-minder.”

Me: “Yes… and?”

Boss: “In that context, the mother is one of her clients.”

Me: “Oh… tell me we weren’t expected to see that.”

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