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The Mother Of All Misunderstandings

| Working | April 2, 2015

(My little brother was an ‘oops’ baby, born when my mother was 40. I am 14 at the time and teen pregnancy is very common in my town. I decided to go with my mom to the baby’s two-week appointment.)

Nurse #1: “I need to fill out some paperwork. The computers are down. Name of the mother?”

Mom And Me: “[Mom].”

Nurse #1: “Age of the mother?”

Mom: “40.”

Nurse #1: “No, the age of the baby’s mother.”

Mom And Me: “40!”

(Nurse #1 leaves and Nurse #2 comes in.)

Nurse #2: *to me* “So, how’d your labor go?”

Me: “Really well, seeing as it was a C-section on her!” *points to my mom*

Nurse #2: “Oh.”

(Nurse #2 leaves and Nurse #3 comes in to give the baby his vaccinations.)

Nurse #3: “Okay, mom and grandma stand on the other side of the table while I give these shots.”

Mom And Me: “Mom and SISTER!”

(I’m now 26 and I still get accused of being his mom! And I can’t tell you how many dirty looks I got in the mall!)

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