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The Mother Of All Mistakes

| Working | November 17, 2016

(My husband has to go to a new GI doctor as we’ve moved. We are 26 and look our age. I go with him to the appointment. The doctor wants him to get a colonoscopy and sends us to the front desk to set it up. My husband goes up to the desk and speaks to the receptionist about everything the procedure will entail and what he has to do before hand while I linger behind him.)

Receptionist: “Okay, I just need your mother to fill this out and then we can get a date set.”

Husband: “Um, my mother?”

Receptionist: “Yes, since you’re underage. Here, just hand them to her, please.”

(Obviously my husband is a little confused and just stands there. The receptionist then gestures to me:)

Receptionist: “Ma’am? You need to sign your son’s paperwork.”

(My husband and I stared at each other and managed to get out that he was not underage and I was definitely not his mother. Apparently they had accidentally put him in as 16. I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that she had a full conversation with him, a 5’11” man with a deep voice and a face full of pronounced stubble, and couldn’t figure out that something was wrong with her paperwork, or the fact that I apparently look old enough to have birthed a 16-year-old man child!)

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