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(We have a client whose mother keeps a stranglehold on his activities. He is in his 20s, and so is a legal adult, but any time he dares attempt to escape his mother, she calls around frantically to find help to bring her boy home. During one such episode of freedom, he calls us to demand we not share anything about his case with his mother anymore, which we confirm with him repeatedly each time he calls after that. A month before his hearing, we call him to give him notification of his hearing date, and his mother returns the call to demand information on his case.)

Me: “I’m not able to share any information about [Client] or his case with you without his permission, Mrs. [Mom].”

Mom: “Really! Since when?”

Me: “[Client] asked us to no longer speak with you. I do apologize, but without his permission–”

Mom: “Well, that’s just fine! I’m trying to help him with his disability case, and y’all can’t tell me anything about it? You know he’s at home with me right now, right? I can just tell him to call and ask you, and he’ll give me that information!”

Me: “That may be, but without his permission, I cannot legally give you that information. He would have to be the one to do so.”

Mom: “I’m going to call him right now. Didn’t think I’d know when y’all called, did you? I have his phone! You know he’s not going to that hearing without me, right?”

Me: “Mr. [Client] will have to make that decision. However, if he doesn’t go, then he’s not going to be awarded disability.”

Mom: “Then tell me when his hearing date is!”

Me: “I am not allowed to.”

Mom: “Then he ain’t going, and f*** y’all!”

Me: “Ma’am, there’s no need for that language. I’m doing what was requested of me by your son. Until I get permission from him, I cannot say anything further than that he has a case with us. Okay?”

Mom: “Even if I’m the one helping him.”

Me: “Yes. Even if you’re the one helping him. Let me ask you something, though. You’re so angry about us not giving you information, and I get that. Would you really restrict your own son from possibly getting disability by refusing to take him to his hearing, all because you’re angry at us?”

(She hung up when I asked her that and had her son call us an hour later. I heard her word for word tell him to say, “[Mom] is allowed to know about my case. You are allowed to speak with her. I didn’t mean you couldn’t talk to her when I called, and you were wrong for not telling her anything.” I have a feeling he’s going to move again if he does get awarded.)

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