The Mother Of All Internet Issues, Part 2

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This story takes place in a time before instant messaging services on mobile phones. The customer has an account that covers her daughter’s mobile phone, as well.

Me: “Welcome to [Company]. My name is [My Name]; how can I help you today?”

Customer: “This might be an awkward question, but what will I have to do to disconnect the service on a mobile phone?”

Me: “May I ask why you want to disconnect? Did you happen to lose your phone or did it get stolen? Was there any misuse?”

Customer: “No, it’s none of that. I threatened my daughter to disconnect her mobile service if she doesn’t do her chores. And today I decided to make that threat a reality.”

Me: “Well, it’s technically two clicks in our system.”

Customer: “And how fast will it take effect?”

Me: “This is a measure to prevent you from financial damage in case of misuse or losing the phone, so any connections will be cut immediately and the device won’t be able to log in until you tell us to do so.”

Customer: “Okay. You might want to turn down the volume on your headset. Please click on the count of three. One… two… three…”

I disconnect the service. At this moment, the daughter seems to have been in a call with her friend. I learn many new Swiss curse words.

Customer: “I think a week without phone should teach her.”

Me: “May I suggest that we set a password for the reconnection of that phone, preferably one that your daughter can’t guess?”

The Mother Of All Internet Issues

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