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The More You Read, The Worse It Gets

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(It is the middle of the day and nothing is going on. A woman comes into our store in a panic.)

Customer: “Do you do passport pictures?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Okay, I need it done, and I need it done now.”

Me: “Okay. We can get you checked in and take you back.”

Customer: “No, I need it now.”

Me: “We can take you now.”

Customer: “And how long will it take for the pictures to be ready?”

Me: “About ten minutes, maximum fifteen. They’ll be at the front if you want to do other shopping and get them on your way out.”

Customer: “No, that’s not good enough. I need them now. Can’t you make it faster?”

Me: “With all due respect, ten to fifteen minutes is pretty fast. That’s the process from start to finish. All photos take five minutes to come through the printer, and that can’t be changed.”

Customer: “Okay, is there anyone else nearby who can do it quicker? I really need them now!”

Me: “[Store #1] and [Store #2] also do passports, but they’re on the other end of the mall. They’ll take about the same time to get it to you if not longer, and like I said, they’re on the other end of the mall.”

Customer: “Ugh, never mind! You don’t understand. I need it done now! My flight leaves in half an hour!”

(She storms away in a huff. My coworker and I look at each other trying to process what she said. A few minutes later, she returns.)

Customer: “How do you get to [Airport about two hours away]?!”

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